non-profit Kft.

More than Projects


Our goal is to improve opportunities and environment and so:

  • To create (local / legal) jobs.
  • To create educational jobs.
  • To increase the awareness regarding a maintained and clean environment.
  • To increase the awareness regarding the Hungarian Heritage, culture and history as broad as possible.
  • To stimulate people to set their own personal goals and where possible help to reach them.
  • To preserve, maintain and re-use monumental and other valuable Hungarian Heritage.
  • To capture, secure and publish the history of this Heritage.
  • To recycle materials, tools, and all sorts of other objects.
  • To organize and promote cultural events.
  • To do all other possible things to reach our goal.

Who we are: is a non-profit company with a simple and horizontal organization structure on a fair and no nonsense basis.

We are not only thinking, saying and writing things but also doing whatever we can to realize them.

And this in close cooperation with the local community and others concerned.

Started as an idea years ago it's now time to start things up. For this purpose non-profit Kft was founded January 2017.

Together with a growning number of sympathizers I (Peter Verhof, born in Holland 1962) am trying to get the car rolling.

A small selection of what we do:

  1. Maintain and utilize Hungarian Heritage and monuments like historical houses, manors, castles, industrial / agricultural / public utility buildings and all other structures.. But also for example old graveyards and ruins. With 4 basis options:
    1. Secure the Facility against further decay.
    2. Maintaining the Facility.
    3. Renovating and manage the Facility.
    4. Utilizing the Facility.
  2. Set up a youthcentre in Szigetvár.
  3. Utilize a small thermal well for local and health purposes.
  4. Set up and utilize a sheltered workshop for people with physical and or mental disabilities.

For more see the Projects.