Old Cemeteries


Special pieces of history.

Directly to the soul of people and in the heart of many, or long forgotten and just still there.  All graves are little monuments of a life lived. They had Birth and Death in common for the rest they were all unique.  

Graves and cemeteries are the ultimate heritage our predecessors gave us and we will give our descendants. Each in his own way. 

They are markers of time and status, individual and as a community.

And, as in all times cemeteries can be a place of consideration and reflection.

As such graves and cemeteries are worth to be preserved and documented as a part of our history. They tell an important and interesting part of the story.

Jedinka.org is trying to preserve cemeteries, graves and their history. This in cooperation with the local community, others involved and of course with respect for the place and its function.


Old Cemetery Mozsgó.

The old graveyard from Mozsgó is located right from the new one at the end of the Mátyás Király utca at the beginning of the fieldroad to the winehill Jedinka.

It was in use from ..................


Old Jewish Cemetery Kacsóta.